What are flower pots?

The wholesale flower pots have different names. It can also be called a planter, plant pot, or planterette. These are mainly used to put flowers and plants for decoration. People usually use flower pots at homes, offices, banks, and other commercial areas and are required to transport flowers. Flower pots have holes at the bottom of them. These holes allow proper aeration and excess water to flow through them. The size of pots varies with the size of the plant. As the size of the plant gets bigger, the pot also enlarges. The root of the plant is kept inside the pot. Soil is already in the pot of the plant for proper growth of the plant. You can use the flower pots not only to put plants inside but also to put flowers inside them. People then place these pots in their drawing rooms and bedrooms for decoration. As the primary purpose of flower pots is decoration, they are also at offices, shops, and other commercial buildings.

From which materials are flower pots made?

Flower pots come in a variety of materials. You can place specific plants and herbs within a particular type of pot. The material from which a pot is made does not alter the growth of a plant or a flower. However, in transportation cases, pots of solid material are used. Because as the pot breaks, the roots of the plant start to expose to the atmosphere. This result in drying its leaves. Some of the posts, along with their material construction, are discussed below;

  • Concrete pots are string in nature as these are of concrete. Most people use these pots for large plants. As these are strong so are very beneficial while the transportation of plants.
  • Metal pots are cast iron, extremely strong, and can endure extreme weather conditions. Metal pots can also be of aluminum. Its characteristic of being lightweight makes it more practical in daily life. Metal pots are also much more durable.
  • Plastic pots can be seen too nowadays. These pots are more suitable for small plants and flowers, but hard plastic pots are now durable for large plants. Plastic pots are much cheaper but less stable than other pots.
  • A particular type of clay, Terra Cotta, is also used to manufacture pots. These are reddish brown and are more versatile as compared to other ports. Due to its versatility and cheap cost, it is often used in nurseries to show variety. It is durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Some other uses of flower pots:

  • As stated earlier, flower pots are used extensively for decoration purposes. But here, some different definitions are discussed as well;
  • You can use them to grow herbs in a kitchen. Growing herbs will add freshness and flavor to the dish.
  • You can also decorate dining tables with small flower pots.
  • You can also use them to make a planter. It can happen by keeping a variety of small plants in a series of related posts.


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