Corrugated Display Top Features

The corrugated display has long been the standard for retail displays. Corrugated displays are relatively inexpensive, portable, easy to assemble and store, and easy to transport. In addition, corrugated displays can be reused many times over. The main downside of using corrugated displays is that they’re difficult to customize:they’re made of a single sheet of cardboard bent into shape, so there’s not much room for personalization or creativity – but it’s what makes them so durable!

Low Cost

Corrugated and display boards are major expenses when making a product. In addition to the materials, you’ll also need to factor in shipping and assembly labor costs.

It would be best if you didn’t overpay for your display board. It will be costly if you pay too much for materials, shipping or labor because your business will lose money on each unit sold if these expenses are too high.

To reduce your costs when making your cardboard displays, consider using recycled material instead of virgin corrugated cardboard sheets, as this will lower your overall cost by up to 80%.


The portable corrugated display is lightweight and can be moved around easily. It has a simple design, which makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. You can store it in a small space when you don’t need to use it anymore or when traveling with your product or company’s name on the bag. A portable corrugated display can also be used in many places, such as trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and other events requiring this advertising medium.

No Tools Required

Have you ever wanted to put together a piece of furniture only to find that it requires a Phillips head screwdriver? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t own any Phillips head screwdrivers, and if I were to buy one, it would be in the dead of winter when I could use some extra heat. A screwdriver is not the only way to assemble or disassemble things, though—it’s possible without tools! Our corrugated display is one example:no tools are required for assembly or disassembly.

Easy to Assemble

If you’re looking to add a creative new display to your shop, then the Corrugated Display is a perfect choice. With no tools required and easy assembly in minutes, this beautiful corrugated display will look great anywhere in your store!

This display is functional and visually appealing and made with a sturdy corrugated cardboard construction and finished with a high-gloss polyurethane coating. The Corrugated Display also comes with a free hanging kit to be suspended from the ceiling or attached to any flat surface.

Easy to Store and Transport

Corrugated displays are lightweight and easy to store and transport. They can be stored in a small space so you can carry them easily.

They are also easy to assemble and take apart, so you can set them up quickly and pack them away when the show is over.

Corrugated Displays are the best!

Corrugated displays are the best! They’re easy to assemble, assemble and disassemble. They’re easy to store, and they can be stored anywhere. They are lightweight, so they are easy to transport. A corrugated display is a perfect choice for any event or project that requires an eye-catching display.


Corrugated displays are great for events and trade shows. They’re easy to transport and assemble, don’t require tools, and are affordable.

If you want a display that will last for years and look great, then you may need corrugated displays!



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